Schneider, Martin

Marty Schneider (All-American Saber fencer from NYU in the ‘50’s) has devoted the past 58 years to coaching fencing at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx. Upon graduation from NYU, he became the assistant fencing coach at Columbia University before starting at Riverdale 2 years later. He has had a profound effect on the sport by personally introducing thousands of children to the sport, teaching them the skills and coaching them to victory. An astounding number of them have distinguished records from USFA and NCAA events. They have become college varsity captains, All-Ivy, All- American, NCAA champions, members of the USFA World Championship Team, and the US Olympic Team. While coaching at Riverdale, Marty also lead the William Taft HS team to 5 PSAL titles and he also coached at Theodore Roosevelt HS for 15 years!

Since 1956, Marty has given the start and the inspiration to many of the nation’s top ranked fencers. The list of success stories is over 50 years long but several of Marty’s more recent students include Tim Morehouse (started fencing with Marty in the 7th grade) and Tim Hageman (started in 7th grade). Marty is the consummate coach whose impact goes way beyond the technical, an inspirational leader, a guide and a mentor who personifies dignity, honesty, integrity, good sportsmanship and fair play.

Marty Schneider  (far left)  in 1952 with the champion NYU fencing team

Marty Schneider with Bill Thomas and Douglas Fairbanks on Television

Marty Schneider in 1978, photo by Andy Shaw