Sauer, Alfred

The NY Times called, “Sauer the only successful invader to NY.” All of the other westerners were slaughtered by New York’s elite. Born in WURTZBERG, GERMANY, young Alfred was 11 when the family moved to south Chicago before the city had electricity. Alfred Ernest Sauer learned to fence at the Chicago Turngemeinde when he was 16.

He went on to win the US National Championships in saber (1909), epee (1913), and foil (1916) representing the Illinois Athletic Club. He qualified for the 1912 Olympic Team in all 3 weapons and competed in all 3 at the Stockholm Games along with the legendary Jim Thorpe and General Patton. Those Games were so contentious that the nations formed the F.I.E. in 1913. Sauer also was selected for the Berlin 1916 Olympic Games which were cancelled. Moving to Michigan, he became a storied champion and was frequently referred to as “The Dean of Fencing” across the Midwest. He was buried in his fencing uniform which was his wish.