Roll of Honor

Adamovich, Tanya

Tanya Adamovich, a native of Russia, came to the United States in 1967.  Since her arrival she has left her mark on fencing in this country by  being a consistent National finalist. She is a member of the Fencers  Club, but due to injury sustained at the Martini & Rossi, she will not be able to defend her title. She was a member of the 1971 and 1973 World Championship Teams and 1972 Olympic Team.

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Alaux, Michel AlauxMichel2.jpg

US Olympic Team Coach 1964, 1968, 1972, Fencing Master at the Fencers’ Club of New York

Michel began his fencing studies at the National School of Sport at Joinville and completed them at the Military School of Antibes. He graduated in 1947 with his fencing master’s diploma.

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Alessandroni, Hugh Vincent AlessandroniˍHugh.jpg

Hugh Alessandroni attended Columbia University where he learned to fence under the Hall of Fame coach, James Murray.

After earning a degree in Chemical Engineering and qualifying for 2 US Olympic teams, he led a team of engineers who invented the 1st electrical epee scoring device used in Olympic history (1936).

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Allaire, John JohnALLAIRE2.jpg

(1897-1935) John Allaire worked to popularize fencing at the smaller clubs and YMCA’s. The national foil individual trophy was named in his memory (1940).

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Anastasi, Larry

US 2 National titles.. 1 epee   1 foil
•     Olympics 2- 1964 & 1968
•     Pan Am  Team Gold in Foil and Epee
•     graduated Temple University l957 –learned to fence in college
.represented Salle Csiszar. born 9-06-34, Phila.  ….
•     US National Champion in foil in l96l.
•     US National Epee champion 1963.
•     l963 Pan Am Team- Team Foil (gold medal)-

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Anderson, August

August Anderson
“The amateur premiere with the sabre.” NY Times (1912)

Augie won 10 US gold medals and was 5 times US National Sabre champion. (1904, 1906, 1907, 1911, 1913). Representing the New York Athletic Club, this record puts him in a 2-way tie for fifth place all time with Alex Orban (NYAC) among Americas top saber champions. Up until 2007, Mr. Anderson was the only saber champion in the top 8 of US fencing history NOT in the Fencing Hall of Fame.

Angelakis, Jana AngelakisˍJana2.jpg

AFLA/USFA national foil champion (1977, ’81, ’82). Member, US. Olympic team (1984). AIAW foil champion (1981) and NCAA foil champion (1983) for Penn State.
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Armitage, Norman C. norman_armitage2.jpg

17 US sabre titles

(1907-1972) – AFLA National Sabre Champion [1930, ’34, ’35, ’36, ’38, ’39, ’40, ’41, ’42, ’45); National Outdoor Sabre Champion (1929, ’30, ’32, ’33, ’35, ’39, ’40). Member, US Olympic team (1928, ’32, ’36, ’48, ’52, ’56). Finalist in Olympic sabre individual (1932) – finished ninth. Member, Olympic bronze medal-winning sabre team (1948). Carried the US. Flag in the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics (1952,’56). IFA sabre champion for Columbia (1928). Continue reading →

Auriol, Yves auriolˍyves33.jpg

Maitre Yves Auriol earned his fencing master’s degree from the Institute National du Sport in Paris. Colleen Olney urged him to move to Portland where he formed the Salle Auriol Fencing Club, and was fencing coach at Portland State University from 1975 until 1985.

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Axelrod, Albert AXELROD.jpg

AFLA national foil champion (1955, ’58, ’60, ’70), medalist eight times. Member, US. Olympic team (1952, ’56, ’60, ’64, ’68). Olympic bronze medalist in foil individual (1960). Editor, “American Fencing” magazine (1986-90). IFA and NCAA foil champion for CCNY (1948). Continue reading →

Ballinger, Ed

1973 & 1975 US National Foil Champion

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Bayer, Cliff


To this day Cliff Bayer remains the most successful US foilsman in World Cup history, having won two gold and one bronze medal.

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Bernstein, Irwin F.

 Secretary of the AFLA (1972-76); 2-term president of the AFLA (1976-80) legendary Budget Director and tireless worker for fencing. NCAA medalist for Columbia.

Bilodeaux, Caitlin BilodeauxˍCaitlin2.jpg

Caitlin Bilodeaux dominated her time: USFA Women’s Foil Champ [1986, ’87, ’89, ’92], she is tied for third on the women’s Championship list. Pan American Individual and Team champion, 1987, 2-time NCAA women’s foil champion, [1985, ’87] and 4-time NCAA All-America. 2-time U-20 National Champion.

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Blum, Robert RobertBlum001th.jpg

Robert Max Blum occupies a special place in American fencing. Beginning his successful competitive career as an All-American fencer at Trinity College, Bob went on to capture national or international points in five different decades, became the first of only 2 Americans in history to make the World Championship individual saber finals (1958) (equaled later only by Peter Westbrook) , competed on two US Olympic Teams (1964 Tokyo and 1968 Mexico City), qualified for 3 US Pan American Games teams, won the Metropolitan Division Men’s Individual Saber title 7 times, appeared almost perennially in the final round of the National Championships during the late 1950s and the 1960s, won the United States Saber Team title 10 times for Santelli and later Fencers Club, made the semi-final rounds of a world-circuit saber event at age 46, and officiated at 4 Olympic Games (1964, 1968, 1976, 1984), earning him a place in US saber fencing history. But what also sets him above and apart from so many others has been Bob’s breadth of achievement. Continue reading →

Borack, Carl Carl Borack

Carl Borack

Carl Borack occupies a unique place in the U.S. fencing history As an athlete, team leader, and FIE representative, Borack has made his mark on American and International Fencing. As an athlete he burst onto the national team at the age of 19, when he made his first Pan American Games Team in Epee that won a gold medal in Winnipeg. Two years later he won the National Championships in Foil and became the youngest male to do so, he followed that performance three weeks later by winning the Gold Medal in Saber at the Maccabiah Games going undefeated along the way.

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Bothner, Charles George BothnerˍCharles2.jpg

Charles George Bothner (1861- ? ) – Won thirteen US championships – 11 individual and two team. In 1897, he was champion in Foil, Sabre, and Epee – a record that is unlikely ever to be approached again. He represented the Pastime Athletic Club and the NYAC.

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Bradford, Vincent Vincent Bradford

USFA national foil champion (1984); national epee champion (1982, ’83, ’84, ’86). NIWFA foil champion (1975,’77) for San Jose State. Assistant Director USFA Coaches College (1992- ). Coach, Texas Fencing Academy. Continue reading →

Bravin, Eric Nick nickbravin2.jpg

The dominant men’s foilist of the last decade, Nick Bravin garnered four national titles in the 90’s, winning in 1991, 1992, 1994, and 1996, while taking 2nd place in 1995 and 1999. He fenced on the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Teams. He was on the World Championship Teams of 1991, ’93, ’94, and ’95. He was on the Pan American Team in 1991 and ’95, garnering two team Silver Medals as well as two individual Bronzes. As a collegian, he was three times NCAA foil champion for Stanford University (1990, ’92, and ’93). Continue reading →

Breckinridge, Col. Henry Breckinridge_Henry3.jpg

Col. Henry Breckinridge
(1886-1960) – AFLA national outdoor epee champion (1930); national medalist in foil and epee six times. Member, US. Olympic team (1920, ’24, ’28) and captain (1928). Member, Olympic bronze medal-winning foil team (1920). Second president of the AFLA (1925-30). Assistant secretary of war to President Woodrow Wilson. Continue reading →

Bukantz, Dr. Daniel 31bukantz192.jpg

AFLA national foil champion (1949, ‘52,53, ’57), medalist four times. US. Olympic team (1948, ’52, ’56, ’60). Member, two fourth place foil teams (1948, ’60). One of the leading directors for fifty years. IFA foil champion for CCNY (1938). Continue reading →

Burdan, Arkady arkady2.jpg

Maestro Burdan, US Olympic Coach (Athens 2004), is one of the most highly qualified fencing coaches in the world. He has coached celebrated fencers for more than thirty years. Continue reading →

Byrnes, Joseph

Joseph Byrnes
The foremost armorer and technical expert in the US. Longtime contributor on the subject to “American Fencing” magazine. Armorer, US. Olympic team (1964).


Calhoun, Father Lawrence calhounˍfatherˍlawrence1.jpg

Father Lawrence Calhoun
Coach and founder of the Jr. Olympics Continue reading →

Calnan, Lt. George C. CalnanˍGeorge2.jpg

Lt. George C. Calnan , (USN) (1900-1933) – AFLA national foil champion six times in seven years (1925, ’26, ’27, ’28, ’30, ’31), medalist twice; national epee champion (1923); national three-weapon champion (1927). Member of all four national championship teams for the New York Fencers Club: foil, epee, sabre, three-weapon (1926). Member, US. Olympic team (1920, ’24, ’28, ’32) and captain (1932). Olympic bronze medalist in epee individual (1928); member, Olympic bronze medal-winning foil team (1932) and Olympic bronze medal-winning epee team (1932). At the 1932 Olympics, he repeated the Oath of Participation on behalf of all participating athletes. Vice-president of the AFLA (1931-33). Captain of Naval Academy (1919). The national three-weapon team trophy was presented in his memory (1934-64). Continue reading →

Calvert, Delmar

Delmar Calvert

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Castello, Hugo M. CastelloCamel2.jpg

(1914-1994) – Coach of NYU (1948-74; 1978-81). The most successful coach in collegiate fencing history, winner of ten NCAA team championships and 13 IFA team championships. President of the NFCAA. Coach of the year (1960, ’74). IFA foil champion for NYU (1935, ’36).

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Castello, James M.

(1916-1974) – Assistant coach of NYU (1946-1974) with his father and his brother, during this time NYU won 11 NCAA championships and 13 IFA championships. One of the foremost armorers in the US. Continue reading →

Castello, Julio M.

(1881-1973) – Spanish Basque fencing master. US. Olympic coach (1924). Best known as coach of NYU (1928-1948), during which he won the IFA championship 9 times beginning in 1933 and the NIWFA championship (1929) and the NCAA championship (1947). He is the only coach to win all three major collegiate titles. Continue reading →

Cerra Tishman, Maria TishmanDow2.jpg

AFLA national foil champion (1945). Member, U.S. Olympic team (1948). Finalist, Olympic foil individual (1948) – tied for second place, finished fourth. This is the highest Olympic attainment by a US woman. NIWFA champion for Hunter (1938, ’40). First woman to officiate at a national final (1949); first woman member of the Olympic fencing committee (1965). Continue reading →

Cetrulo, Dean CetruloˍS.jpg

Dean Cetrulo

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Cohen, Abram CohenˍAbram2.jpg

Abe Cohen competed in the Melbourne Olympics of 1956, the World Championships of 1968 and 1961, and the Pan American Games of 1955. He was US National Men’s Epee champion in two consecutive years: 1955 (the last year of the three-touch epee championship) and 1956. He was the AFLA President’s 3-Weapon Champion in 1955 and ’56. In 1957 & 1958, he was the winner of the Giorgio Santelli Masters’ Sabre. As a collegiate fencer, he was a member of the NCAA Champion CCNY team in 1948. Continue reading →

Cottingham, Robert

Bob Cottingham
School: Columbia College
Weapon: Sabre
Coach: Aladar Kogler

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Cross, Emily Emily Cross foil fencer

Just as she did in the 2005 tournament, Cross defeated Italy’s Arianna Errigo in the gold medal bout in women’s foil, although her 15-5 victory Monday was more comfortable than last year’s 15-14 nailbiter. Continue reading →

Csiszar, Lajos

(1903-1997) – Born in Hungary, where he was assistant coach to Italo Santelli. Best known as coach of the University of Pennsylvania., where he won two NCAA championships. Olympic team coach and creator of numerous champions. Continue reading →

D’Ambola, Dr. Samuel

Dr. Samuel D’Ambola
Coach of Essex Catholic H.S. in Newark, NJ (1960-74). The dominant high school team in the country during the 1960’s and the source of dozens of collegiate fencers and several Olympians, including Peter Westbrook.

D’Asaro, Michael DASARO2.jpg

Sabre: Olympics – 4th-place US team, 1960; Pan American Games – 2nd in 1959, 1st in individual and team, 1963; Nationals -1st, 1962, medalist in ’60, 66, and ’67. NCAA- 1st 1960. Foil: Nationals- 3rd, 1963, 1st (team) 1959. Epee: Pan-American Games – 2nd (individual), 1st (team), 1959, Martini-Rossi – 3rd, 1963 Martini. Coaching: Olympic Coach 1976, World University Games 1977, Pan American Games 1975, ’79, Junior World Championships, 1973, ’74. Coached of numerous individual champions at San Jose State University, the Fencing Center of San Jose, and Westside Fencing Center in Los Angeles.   Continue reading →

Danosi, Istvan

Hungarian born coach of Wayne State University (1958-1975) and the Fencing Academy of Michigan. Wayne State won the men’s NCAA championships in 1975, 79, 80 and 82, as well as the first women’s NCAA championship in 1982. Continue reading →

de Tuscan, Joanna deTUSCANSthu.jpg

1936 US Foil champion, Olympian and World Professional Women’s Foil Champion. She was the first American woman champion not from the East Coast and first American woman to wear fencing pants. Continue reading →

deCapriles, Jose R. deCaprilesˍJose.jpg

(1912-1969) – AFLA national epee champion (1938, ’51); national foil champion (1946); national three-weapon champion (1939). At the 1946 national championships, he medaled in all three weapons – one of only five fencers in the history of the nationals to accomplish such a feat. Continue reading →

deCapriles, Miguel A. miguelˍdecapriles.jpg

(1906-1981) – AFLA national epee champion (1931, ’44); national three-weapon champion (1933, ’34, ’41, ’42, ’47); national outdoor epee (1936, ’38); national outdoor sabre (1941). Member, US. Olympic team (1932, ’36, ’48) and captain (1952). Member, Olympic bronze medal-winning epee team (1932) and Olympic bronze-medal winning sabre team (1948). President of the AFLA (1948-52). President of the FIE (1960-64). Charter recipient of the Olympic Order (1975). The foremost administrator of the sport in the US. Captain of NYU (1928). Continue reading →

DeChaine, Dan Dan DeChaine, photo by Andy Shaw

Dan DeChaine

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DeCicco, Michael

Coach of Notre Dame (1962- 1995), the NCAA men’s champions of 1977, ’78, ’86 and the combined champions of ’94. Four times NFCAA coach of the Year.

President, NFCAA. Continue reading →

DeKay, Charles CHARLES deKAY

Charles deKay

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DeKoff, Irving

Coach of Columbia University (1953-1968). President of the NFCAA. NFCAA coach of the Year. He won the NCAA team championship four times (1954, ’55, ’63, ’65) and the IFA team championship five times. Continue reading →

Deladrier, Andre

Coach of the U.S. Naval Academy (1957-90); winner of the NCAA team championship (1959, ’62) and the IFA team championship (1964). The 1959 Navy team was the first to sweep the NCAA championships. NFCAA coach of the year (1959). U.S. Olympic coach (1960). NCAA sabre champion for St. John’s (1942).

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Deladrier, Clovis

Clovis Deladrier
(1885-1948) – Belgian born coach of the U.S. Naval Academy (1933-48), which won the IFA championships twice (1938, ’43). Co-founder and first president of the NFCAA (1941).


Dimond, John DimondˍJohn2.jpg

(1892-1968) – AFLA national outdoor epee champion (1924); medalist in epee and sabre. Member, U.S. Olympic team (1920); coach, U.S. Olympic fencing team (1936); coach, U.S. Olympic modern pentathlon team (1932, ’36). Best known as coach of the U.S. Military Academy (1923-48); which produced many collegiate champions and Olympians. Continue reading →

Dow, Helena Mroczkowska mroczkowska-dowˍhelena2.jpg

(1917-1998) – AFLA national foil champion (1940, ’43, ’47, ’48). Member, U.S. Olympic team (1948). Coach of Fairleigh Dickinson University (Rutherford) (1968-71). NIWFA foil champion for Hofstra (1939). Continue reading →

Dow, Warren A. dowˍwarren2.jpg

(1903-1965) – AFLA national foil champion (1942, ’43). Member, U.S. Olympic team (1936) and captain (1948). Secretary of the AFLA (1942-48). Amateur coach of the U.S. Military Academy (1963-65). Continue reading →

Elliott, Joseph

Originally from Tyler, Texas, Joe Elliott has accomplished much in his 50+ years in fencing. He was 2-times US National Epee Champion (1965, 1970) and a 2-time US National finalist in foil. He took 1st in Foil in the Mexico LA REFORMA in 1973 and was a team member of Mexican Pre-Olympics ’65 and World games in Moscow ’66 and Cuba ’ 69. Forty years later, he has been the US Veterans’ Foil and Epee champion and has been a member of the US World Veterans’ Team every year since 2001. Continue reading →

Elthes, Csaba CSABAELTHESlegend2.jpg

Csaba Elthes
(1912-1995) Hungarian born coach, emigrated to the U.S. in 1958. Coach of the N.Y. Athletic Club and N.Y. Fencers Club. His pupils included Peter Westbrook and Alex Orban. Coach, U.S. Olympic team (1964, ‘68,72, ’76, ’84, ’88). He was inducted into the Fencing Hall of Fame in 1978. Continue reading →

Every, Dernell dernell every

(1906-1994) – AFLA national foil champion (1938, ’40, ’45). Member, U.S. Olympic team (1928, ’32, ’40, ’48). He won the Olympic bronze medal in Men’s foil team in 1932. Secretary of the AFLA (1941-45 and 1948-52); president of the AFLA (1945-48). Editor, “The Riposte” (newsletter) (1941-45). IFA foil champion for Yale (1927, 1928). Continue reading →

Faulkner, Ralph FaulknerˍRalph2.jpg

Ralph Faulkner
(1895-1987) – Member, U.S. Olympic team (1928, ’32). Coach of the Faulkner Academy in Los Angeles. Fight choreographer and stunt double with a long association with the motion picture industry. His pupils included Janice Lee Romary, Polly Craus and Sewell Shurtz. Continue reading →

Fish, Isabel Mildred FishStuyevesant-2.jpg

(1884 – 1971) – generous patron of fencing, advocate of women’s fencing, member of first championship women’s foil team. Continue reading →