McClellan, Cathy

“Make your opponents prove they can stop your attack.”

5-time US National Foil Team Champion and 2-time US National Epee Champion with Tanner City FC under Joe Pechinsky, Cathy is one of only a handful of women in US fencing history to be nationally ranked in the top 10 in both foil and epee in the same year, an achievement she accomplished 3 times. When she made the U.S. World Championship Team in 1989, she qualified in both epee and foil! Cathy also earned the gold medal in the Pan American Games in 1991 in Havana in the WOMEN’S EPEE TEAM.

JoePechinskyCathyMcClellan.jpgAn NCAA All-American and Co-Captain from Penn State, Cathy was a model for sportsmanship throughout her career. Her courtesy and grace to everyone around her was unsurpassed. The first woman ever to coach at an Ivy League institution, McClellan worked as Assistant Coach under Dave Micahnik at Penn 1982-1984, was New England Division Chair, and was Head coach at Tufts University from 1988-1992

Cathy McClellan interviewed by Andy Shaw at the 2010 Junior Olympics in Memphis, TN