Kogler, Aladar

Aladar Kogler attended the Hungarian College of Higher Physical Education where he earned a Masters Degree in Fencing, and 2 Czechoslovakian institutions, Komensky University in Bratislava and Carl University in Prague, which awarded him a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology. While coaching the Czechoslovakian National Fencing Team, Kogler was a huge success as 8 of his students were World Championship finalists, 2 were Olympic finalists leading the Czech government to award him the highest coaching and teaching awards possible in 1972 and 1977. He has published 10 books and more than 25 scientific papers and is the Director of the US Olympic Committee-funded Sports Psychological Research Laboratory at Columbia University.


During the 19 years at Columbia, Columbia Women are 244-68, Columbia Men 205-55
4 times US Olympic Coach
USFA National Coach 1983-2001
Currently Head Coach USFA National Training Center at Columbia
US National Team Coach for the World Championships for 17 years
3 times US Team Coach for the Pan Am Games
3 times US Team Coach for the World University Games
1983-2001 Kogler coached at NY Fencers’ Club, Peter Westbrook Foundation, and NYAC

Kogler has produced 20 US Olympians for the last 5 Olympic games, and his list of top competitive students includes Keeth Smart, Bob Cottingham, Joel Glucksman, Jed Dupree, Erin Smart, Katie Cavan, Steve Trevor, Katy Bilodeaux, Sharon Monplaisir, Tsu Moy, Jon Normile, Ben Atkins, Jim Carpenter, Jan Viviani, Rashan Greenhaus, Arlene Stevens, Kamara James, Bill Verigan, Julian Rose, and Bejamin Ungar.

Heizaburo Okawa, Aladar Kogler, Emick Kaidanov, 1985, Kyoto, Japan
Photo By Carl Borack