Goodhartz, Nat

Nat Goodhartz is currently the Co-national Women’s foil coach and head coach of the Rochester Fencing Club. She has also served as the Junior National Men’s foil coach. Since 1977, when she mentored her first international team, she has coached numerous cadet, junior and senior World Championship teams and trained scores of junior and senior competitive champions.

Most recently she was one of the national coaches for the 2006 US Senior Team in Torino. During the 2006-7 season she has coached the Senior Team at World Cups in Europe and Asia. Domestically,many of her students have also won medals in men’s and women’s foil and epee events. It is significant that Nat recognized the value of international participation long before it became part of the U.S. team program.

Prior to the establishment of designated cadet B and junior and senior world cups, she traveled to cadet events in Budapest, Koblenz and Osnabruk with her own students and those from several other clubs. Working with a few other colleagues, she helped young fencers understand that they really could be legitimate players in an international venue. As a member of the IC (now the IPSC) she pressed hard to have this involvement incorporated into a national program. Nat and her students are well known for their exemplary behavior, as well as their outstanding performance. Her students are technically and tactically disciplined athletes who relish the competitiveness of the game and take full responsibility for their defeats. Always gracious winners, Nat Goodhartz students have repeatedly shown that they are perfect representatives for US Fencing.


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