Elthes, Csaba

Csaba Elthes
(1912-1995) Hungarian born coach, emigrated to the U.S. in 1958. Coach of the N.Y. Athletic Club and N.Y. Fencers Club. His pupils included Peter Westbrook and Alex Orban. Coach, U.S. Olympic team (1964, ‘68,72, ’76, ’84, ’88). He was inducted into the Fencing Hall of Fame in 1978.
Michael D’Asaro Sr. with his coach, Csaba Elthes.


Maestro Csaba Elthes was a legendary fencing master who immigrated to the U.S. to become the coach to the U.S. Olympic Bronze Medalist in 1984, Peter Westbrook. He was born March 10, 1912. Elthes trained many Olympic competitors in the 1960’s through 1980’s, and made his home in New York City. He had earlier earned a degree in law from University of Budapest in 1936. Elthes died of a stroke in 1995 when visiting his home city of Budapest, Hungary. He is survived by his wife, Baba, who still lives in New York.