Elliott, Joseph

Originally from Tyler, Texas, Joe Elliott has accomplished much in his 50+ years in fencing. He was 2-times US National Epee Champion (1965, 1970) and a 2-time US National finalist in foil. He took 1st in Foil in the Mexico LA REFORMA in 1973 and was a team member of Mexican Pre-Olympics ’65 and World games in Moscow ’66 and Cuba ’ 69. Forty years later, he has been the US Veterans’ Foil and Epee champion and has been a member of the US World Veterans’ Team every year since 2001.

This champion has been winning for over fifty years and has given much of his time to fencing in other ways including: Southern California Division Chairman, Organizer of 1st NAC in California and raising money to help kids fence.

Speaking of his competitive success, here’s how Joe puts it, “ I was last in the ’63 Epee Nationals and I was first in the ’65 Nationals. Throw in a couple of hundred local medals and there you have it! Fencing is FIGHTING and IT’S FUN.

Joe Elliott and Steve Netburn at the 1966 World Championships in Moscow