Calnan, Lt. George C.

Lt. George C. Calnan , (USN) (1900-1933) – AFLA national foil champion six times in seven years (1925, ’26, ’27, ’28, ’30, ’31), medalist twice; national epee champion (1923); national three-weapon champion (1927). Member of all four national championship teams for the New York Fencers Club: foil, epee, sabre, three-weapon (1926). Member, US. Olympic team (1920, ’24, ’28, ’32) and captain (1932). Olympic bronze medalist in epee individual (1928); member, Olympic bronze medal-winning foil team (1932) and Olympic bronze medal-winning epee team (1932). At the 1932 Olympics, he repeated the Oath of Participation on behalf of all participating athletes. Vice-president of the AFLA (1931-33). Captain of Naval Academy (1919). The national three-weapon team trophy was presented in his memory (1934-64).


5 US Epee Olympians in Amsterdam at the 1928 Olympic Games. 

left to right:  Allen Milner, Arthur St. Clair Lyon, Henry Breckinridge, George Calnan, Edward Barnett.
This photo was a gift from Mrs. George Calnan to Coach Simonian at Ohio State University.  Mr. Simonian donated it to our Museum a few years’ ago.