Calhoun, Father Lawrence

Father Lawrence Calhoun
Coach and founder of the Jr. Olympics
Besides the founding of the Jr. Olympics and several recommended ideas that promoted Jr. or Sr fencers, the following items may equally define my candidacy. I coached fencing at College, High School and Middle School. I coached fencers who have been members of 6 NCAA Championships; produced 13 All Americans ; Fencers who were on Jr World Teams (8); Sr. World teams(3), World Cups (3), World Youth Championships(1) and The Olympics(1); Pan American Teams(1). Chairman of 3 USFA Divisions ; In High School/Middle Schools: 9 St,Ntl Championships, 1332W-535L over 43 years, at 4 different schools in Indiana, California and Illinois. Honorary Member of Masque De Fer, Lyons, Fr. Recently became a “Fellow” of the U.S.F.C.A. Dr. Ralph Zimmermann, VP of USFA said of me in 1997, “The Jr. Olympics…is the single most important achievement in the entire history of our organization.”. And, (My)”program has become the cornerstone of our national efforts to both achieve results and provide healthy athletic competition for our youth.” Letter of Mar.17,1997.

Father Lawrence Calhoun interviewed by Andy Shaw at the 2010 Junior Olympics in Memphis, TN



Father Lawrence Calhoun video #2

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