Adamovich, Tanya

Tanya Adamovich, a native of Russia, came to the United States in 1967.  Since her arrival she has left her mark on fencing in this country by  being a consistent National finalist. She is a member of the Fencers  Club, but due to injury sustained at the Martini & Rossi, she will not be able to defend her title. She was a member of the 1971 and 1973 World Championship Teams and 1972 Olympic Team.

A highly successful competitor and coach to generations of elite fencers at her own small studio. In 1998, she was the recipient of the Golden Ring Award from the USOC. Tanya Adamovich is the founder and coach of Salle Tanya, Long Island, NY. Her students have not only compiled outstanding competitive records, but have become prominent coaches in their own right. Students include Olympians such as Michael Lofton (now Mikail Sankofa). (4-time NCAA champion, 3-time National Champion, member of the Hall of Fame, now coaching), Jonathan Tiomkin (2-time US Foil Champion, now coaching), JO Champion and NCAA All-American Alan Weber, Junior Olympic Champion Cary Colly, and Coach Bruce Gilman of  Vassar College, among many others. In 1989 she coached at the Junior World Championships in Greece. She is the recipient of an award from the US Olympic Committee for her youth coaching.

Tanya Adamovich began her athletic career in Belarus in Track and Field. She discovered fencing and went on te earn a Master of Sports, the highest ranking for athletes in the Soviet Union.  She was a  Champion of Belarus and the USSR and a candidate for the prestigious Soviet Olympic Team.  Tanya came to the United States in 1968 and joined the New York Fencers Club.  She trained under the legendary Olympic coaches Michel Alaux and Chaba Eltesh.

Tanya qualifed for the United States Olympic Team in 1972 and fenced in Munich.  In 1973 she won the United States National Championship in Women’s Foil in Tuscon.

Tanya was a member of many U.S. World Championship Teams and fenced against Olympic Champions from Europe and other areas of the world.

Tanya won the NY Metropolitan Championship many times and was the Martini and Rossi International Champion.

The Olympic Committee awarded Tanya its Golden Rings Award in recognition for her “Outstanding Support of the Olympic Movement.”

She taught Fencing at Adelphi University and C.W. Post on Long Issland and coached fencing teams at Pace University and the Portledge School.

Tanya greaduated from the Belrus Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. She attended the Belarus State University where she studied journalism for three years.  She worked as a sports journalist and commentator on television and radio.  Tanya earned a Masters from Adelphi University in
Physical Education.

Among Tanya’s most successful students are found national and local champions including:

Michael Lofton (Sankofa): Member of  Olympic Teams several World Championship Teams.  Michael was the first fencer to win four consecutive Intercollegiate Championships while a student at New York University.  He began fencing with Tanya when he was 9 years old at the Freeport Recreation Center in Long Island.

Khari Coley- US Junior Olympic Champion,  Member of U.S. Junior Olympic Team and World Championship Teams.

Alan Webber- Member of the US Olympic Team

Dennis Adamovich- Silver Medalist Junior Olympics, Intercollegiate Epee Champion

John Scarpino-  Recently founded The Nyack Fencers Club,  a high tech fencing school in Nyack, New York.  He dedicated his school to Tanya.  He began taking lessons as a youngster from Tanya and went on to become a successful Financial Adviser but always continued his love for fencing.  His school has 12 fencing strips and hosts competitions from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  Michael Sankofa and other Olympians coach at John’s school.  He’s carrying on a great tradition.

John Tiomkan also started out as Tanya’s student founded the Five Towns Fencers Club

Bruce Gelman another student is now coaching at Vassar College.

Tanya Adamovich (center), was a member of the 1972 US Olympic Team

Tanya with her Junior Olympic Team in 1996

Tanya’s ‘victory salute’ from the Soviet Press, when she won the Nationals.

John Scarpino, Tanya Adamovich, Michael Sankofa

John Scarpino, Tanya Adamovich, Michael Sankofa and coaches from the Nyack Fencers Club.