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Hern, Alec

Coach of Olympic Bronze medalist, Albie Axelrod. Axelrod won 4 US foil titles and fenced on 5 Olympic teams.   Hern learned to fence from the Senac fencing book (Spalding red book series)which he purchased for 25 cents  and was hired to teach fencing all across New York City under the Works Progress Administration.  Louis Senac later hired Hern to coach at his club on West 72nd Street.  Hern developed his own system of beats and parries with unusual angulations and he singlehandedly spread fencing to thousands of individuals and began a program in Harlem as well that led to the first black fencers in New York history. 



Melcher, Jamie

 James Melcher– Olympian, World Cup Medalist, 2-time National Champion
Olympian (1972)
World Cup Bronze Medalist (Martini and Rossi, London 1972)
Finalist, Poitiers, 1970
Pan American Gamers Gold Medalist, Team Epee, 1971
5-times member of World Championship Team (965, ’70, ’71, ’73, ’77)
2-Time National Champion, Men’s Individual Epee (1971, ’72)
Jamie came late to fencing as a freshman at Columbia and became one of the most elegant epee fencers of his generation. He has served as Chairman of the New York Fencers Club, has been a significant benefactor to the Club, and remains as an active fencer and mentor.



Nicholas, Capt. Hippolyte

Captain Hippolyte Nicolas was the first fencing coach at the Fencers’ Club in New York City. He came to America (from Prussia) in 1876. He was as famous for the meals he prepared after the nightly fencing festivities, as he was for his fencing training. No man was his equal in preparing a novice to hold his own against experienced fencers. He had a system to quickly teach his students the basics of the sport. The Captain WAS the Fencers Club. His reputation that has remained in print to this day is that of a highly motivated and inspiringly passionate man who while spending little time on the technical points of fencing execution, trained very aggressive competitors.



Smart, Erinn

 Erinn Smart– Olympic Medalist, 5-time US National Champion
3-time Olympian (2000 (alternate), ’04, ‘08)
 Silver Medalist (Women’s Team Foil) Beijing 2008
5-time National Champion (Women’s Individual Foil): 1998, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008
Senior World Championships – Bronze medal (team event) – 2001
Junior World Championships – Bronze medal (team event) – 2000
NCAA - Silver medal – 1997 & 1998 (Columbia)
Pan American Games individual - Silver medal – 2007
Pan American Games team - Gold medal – 2007



Vebell, Ed

Ed Vebell earned 13th place in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics in epee, and captured the US Men's Epee Team championship for the NYFC in 1951and 1954 . He was a bronze medalist at the 1952 US Nationals in epee and was a US National finalist 5 times.  Vebell won the Metropolitan Epee title and the Connecticut Epee title many times, and had a great year in 1951 at the Pan American Games.  He won the Gold Medal in Men's Foil Team,  took Silver with the US Men’s Epee team in 1951 and the Bronze Medal in  Men’s Epee individual .  But his most notable victory came as he became the first American in history to win a World Cup in epee in 1964. (Martini & Rossi gold medal)




Lee, Ivan

 Ivan Lee –
2001, '03, '05, '06, '08 Div 1 National Sabre Champion
1999, '01, '02, '03, '05, '06, '08, '13   Div 1 National Sabre Team Champion
Olympian, Junior World Champion, (Team) and Medalist (Individual) , 3-time US Champion
Olympian, Men’s Individual Saber (12th) and Team Saber (4th), 2004 (The team missed the bronze by one touch.)
Gold Medal,Junior World Championship, (Team), Silver (Individual) Men’s Saber (First African-American male world champion) 2001
Bronze Medal, Junior World Championships, Men’s Individual Saber, 1998
Gold Medal, Pan American Games, Individual and Team Saber, 2003
US Olympic Committee Male Athlete of the Year, 2001
Bronze Medal, Junior World Championships, 2000
Medalist in Junior and Senior World Cups
Ranked as high as 1st in Junior Saber standings
3-time US Senior National Champion, 2003, ’05, ‘06
2-time NCAA Individual Champion (St. John’s), Men’s Saber, 2001, ‘02
NCAA Team Champion, Men’s Saber, 2001
Volunteer Coach, Peter Westbrook Foundation
Fencing Commissioner, Public School Athletic League (PSAL), New York



Nazlymov, Vladimir

 Vladimir Nazlymov–Producer of 11 Individual NCAA Champions
An Olympic Medalist and World Champion as a competitor, Nazlymov became a highly successful fencing coach in the USSR. He came to the US in 1991 and startled the fencing world by taking a position with the Kansas City School District with the mission of establishing fencing at an inner-city school.
Head Fencing Coach, Kansas City School District and Kansas City Olympic Fencing Center
    3 students made US World Teams, including Terence Lasker, 1997 Senior Men’s Saber Champion, and Kelly Williams, 1998 Senior Women’s Saber Champion.
Head Fencing Coach, Ohio State University
Three NCAA Team Championships (2004, ’08, ‘12)
13 consecutive finishes in NCAA Championships top 5
11 individual NCAA Championships:
Men’s foil:  Boaz Ellis, 2004, ’05, ’06), Andras Horanyi (2007, ’08), Zain Shaito (2012)
Men’s saber: saber Adam Crompton (2003, ’04, ’06)
Men’s epee: Marco Carnivore 2013
Women’s epee: Katrzyna Dabrowa 2012



Oles, Dick

Oles was head coach of the university’s men’s fencing team from 1959 through 2003, compiling a record of 643 team wins and 214 losses. During this period, he led the Blue Jays to 21 Middle Atlantic Collegiate Fencing Association championships and 12 finishes in the top 25 at the NCAA Fencing Championships. He was named the U.S. Fencing Coaches Association Coach of the Year in 1992 and was chosen as MACFA Coach of the Year 10 times.



Smart, Keeth

 Keeth Smart– Olympic Medalist, Junior World Champion (Team),  USFA and NCAA Champion
Olympian (2004, ’08)
    4th place, Men’s Team Saber, 2004
Silver Medal, Men’s Team Saber, 2008, 6th Individual
First American to be ranked #1 in men’s saber, March 2003
World Cup Results:
    Individual: 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze
    Team: 1 Gold
World Championship Team, 2006, 2007
Junior World Championship Team, 1998: Individual: 5th, Team: 4th
Pan American Games:Individual: Gold, 2007; Team: Bronze 1999, Gold 2007
Member, World University Games Team 1999
US National Men’s Individual Saber Champion, 2002, ’04, Silver, 2006
NCAA Men’s Individual Saber Champion, 1997, 1999. Team Champion 2001 (St. John’s)



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